The most challenging role in the ETF marketplace is the Board of Trustees overseeing the ETF platform. The landscape of exchanges and services providers for ETFs shifts and evolves, often at a pace which leaves Trustees looking for answers.

In over two decades of advising and working with fiduciaries on ETF products, Bob can evaluate and report on the structure and performance of an ETF platform at all levels of the operation – from the granular technical activities to the highest tiers of governance.

Robert Tull & Co. will work with your Board and/or service providers:

  • Provide fiduciaries with the necessary assurance in overseeing and validating the performance of service providers

  • Provide a holistic view of the platform’s service providers and identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats

  • Enhance that ETF platform’s strategy for brand distinction, cost compression, and value accretion, including alleviating growing pains and forecasting growth issues

  • Advise on launch marketing and fundraising plans

  • Provide expert insight into specific and general matters of interest to the Trustees