A new ETF, index, or market. A new ETF infrastructure or a new approach for an existing ETF platform. A new asset raise goal. Capitalizing on every new opportunity requires the right plan.

In over 20 years of bringing new ETF products to market, we successfully managed the design and development of over 300 exchange-traded products, both in the U.S. and internationally. Our unique expertise enables us to minimize time launch and to implement the right plan to elevate existing fund platforms to new heights.

Project management for New ETF Opportunities focuses the efforts of the key partners to ensure a coordinated and timely success. The project management plan will forecast the issues which could disrupt the timeline and take measures to ensure the project remains on schedule.

Robert Tull & Co. will partner with you to:

  • Collaborate on the formation of the fund business or restructuring plan

  • Develop and manage launch timelines and budget

  • Coordinate the key vendors and service providers: legal, tax, accounting, fund administration, underwriters, the exchange, and the regulators

  • Advise on launch marketing and fundraising plans

  • Post-launch or post-restructure evaluation

Examples of successful New ETF Opportunity project management engagements

  • Coordinated efforts of issuer and legal counsel to obtain regulatory approval and launch of first multi-asset long/short set of products traded on the NYSE Arca exchange.

  • Directed product and operational design, regulatory approval, and launch for patented unique long/short trust structured ETFs.

  • Collaborated with global investment managers to design, support, and launch first-to-market ETFs.

  • Developed and implemented the business plan for non-U.S. investment manager to establish and launch U.S. domiciled ETF platform, which included restructuring non-U.S. middle office support for the platform.

  • Advised European investment manager throughout implementation of the business plan to structure and launch U.S. domiciled ETF platform.

  • Developed and coordinated project plans for multiple global custodians and fund administrators to expand existing fund service infrastructure and processes to service ETFs.

  • Provided integrated collaboration with European capital markets board to draft and adopt domestic ETF regulations, including advising exchange and issuer on structuring, supporting, and processing domestic ETFs.

  • Formulated detailed work-flow plan for Asian stock exchange to develop domestic ETF market.

  • Advised Asian stock exchange and central depository to establishing processing logic and procedures to support in-kind creation and redemption process for first domestic ETF.

  • Worked with global investment manager to design and launch first REIT based ETF in the U.S. market.

  • Collaborated with global commodity organizaiton in the design of the first gold ETF in the U.S. market.

  • RTCO is experienced in NextShares and their operational needs.